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Some love for you & October news ❤️

Hey guys !

I’ve been quite busy with college and college reading this week, so I don’t have much to post here ! However, I still read what you guys are posting, and since it looks like you enjoyed seeing love and positivity on the blog, I offer you today a post featuring some blogs that I love ❤️ I really hope you’ll check them out, because even though I don’t know them all personnaly, I know they’re amazing persons, and their posts are really worth your while !


First off is Kristin @Kristinkravesbooks ! She’s one of the first bloggers I followed when I arrived on WordPress, and she never fails to give us good books reviews and does fun tags as well !

Then, I believe you should absolutely follow C.G @Paper Fury, who not only publishes interesting blog posts, but is also a writer, and a talented one, if most reviews are to be believed. Unfortunately, I still haven’t had the opportunity to read one of her two novels, but I’ve heard of both of them pretty much everywhere. She’s a rising star 🌠

Last one for today is a duo made by Nen & Jen @Nen&Jen ! They also write great reviews, take part in fun tags, and best of all, they are ADORABLE ! I must admit I sometimes lose track of which of them I’m replying to in the comments, but they’re truly adorable !


Again, I have been super busy with college this week, and I have an exam next week, but I hope I’ll be able to read more fiction, especially as I got Mark C. King’s latest book, which is a historical fiction in which a monster kills people, and I couldn’t hope for a better Autumn/Halloween book.

In other news, I’ve been branded Top Reviewer on Netgalley, and it really made my day ! It’s  not much, or very important, but I’m glad some publishers thought my reviews relevant enough to publish on their detail pages ! I’ve also been auto-approved for the first time ever by a publisher ! I didn’t expect it but that was also a nice surprise ! Definitely motivates me to read more 🙂


That’s it for today ! Thanks for reading !

See you soon,

Love, Jade ❤️

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