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Bookish talk ~Book inventory 2020

Hey guys ! After Kristy @Caffeinated Fae wrote a post about protecting her books by inventoring them and calculating their worth, I took her wise words of advice and did the exact same thing ! I had absolutely no idea how many books I have, and much less how much worth they had.

So basically I just took all my books out and spent 2-3 days to inventorize them in an Excel file (that will soon be on my Google Drive or something). I stuck to the basics aka Title, Author, Price because I was way too lazy to type in all the other details haha ! I only added details when the book is a hardback, when it’s signed or when it’s a special edition (Fairyloot, etc…)

I’m really happy about how it turned out ! I would have definitely underestimated my book collection if there had been a fire or a flooding and had had to evaluate how many books I had. I thought I had around 200 books (comics and everything included) for a value of approximately 2 000 euros. Welp. I was wrong 😬 Of course, some of the prices are approximative since they don’t exist anymore, are signed, or their value has changed for some reason. For those books I put in my lowest estimation until I figure it out a little more !

In the end, I have 280 books, for an approximated value of 3118.93 euros ! That’s really impressive as I didn’t expect it so much.


You can see it’s a very approximate list haha. But in the end, it was a lot of fun to do, and it’s pretty useful in case something was to happen to your books !

Making this list made me realize I have several books I want to get rid of ! I have around 10 books I’d like to sell or donate, so I’ll try to find a solution for that. Since I live in France and don’t have a library that offers books in English around me, I don’t have many options to sell/donate my books without huge shipping fees. If you have any suggestion about that, feel free to share some tips in the comments and I’ll probably feature them in a future post adressing this specific issue for international bookworms ❤

Please, feel free to tell me if you’re also doing an inventory of your own during the quarantine ! I’m just so curious about everyone’s collections !

Thanks for reading me !
See you soon,
Jade ❤

6 thoughts on “Bookish talk ~Book inventory 2020

    1. It’s really interesting to do and can be pretty surprising ! Honestly, it didn’t take me that much time. I just made it last for a few days because I had other things to do, but all in all, it could have been done in a day. It really depends on how many books you own 🙂


    1. It was definitely a good opportunity to clear my shelves a bit, especially since they’re overflowing and I’m almost to the point to stacking books on the floor…

      Hahah at least it allowed you to have a new look to your collection :p It’s good to have a big TBR anyways. That way you’ll never run out of books !


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