Book review ~ Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen


Pride and Prejudice
Author : Jane Austen
Genre : Romance

When Elizabeth Bennet meets Mr. Darcy she is repelled by his overbearing pride, and prejudice towards her family. But the Bennet girls are in need of financial security in the shape of husbands, so when Darcy’s friend, the affable Mr. Bingley, forms an attachment to Jane, Darcy becomes increasingly hard to avoid. Polite society will be turned upside down in this witty drama of friendship, rivalry, and love

One of my yearly resolution was to read more classics in 2020. I didn’t quite manage to get into it until now, but after seeing Pride & Prejudice sitting on my shelves for over a year, I figured now would be a good time to motivate myself and pick it up.

I didn’t think I would enjoy it much, and I certainly didn’t think I would read it in uder a month, but guess what ? I did. The plot in itself is not too thrilling, but the characters blew my mind. Of course they’re incredibly well written. I haven’t read anything else by Jane Austen, but I have a feeling characters are her forte.

The fact that it was orginially written in 1813 surprised me a lot, because the themes of the book and the way some characters behave (especially Elizabeth) are so much more modern ! I would have thought it to be written between 1890 and 1900 (yes, I’m bad with classic litterature dates and the times when the classics authors were alive, don’t judge me haha). I really loved Elizabeth’s character the most, along with Jane’s. Their relationship is so adorable and pure, I swear my heart melted a little. It’s just a really good insight into the society of the 19th century overall. It was really interesting to see the British middle-up society, and I’ll probably read some other novels by Jane Austen in the future !



Thanks for reading !
See you soon,
Jade ❤

6 thoughts on “Book review ~ Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

  1. YES!!!! I am so glad that you loved Pride and Prejudice, it’s one of my favorite books! Jane Austen was so ahead of her time and I love the biting social critique she layers within the constraints of societal propriety in her novels. Her main characters are sarcastic and iconic.

    Her writing can definitely be overly verbose at times and cumbersome to get into (I’m looking at you, Emma!), but her characters are amazing and I cherish them so much. Good luck reading more classics, and great review!

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