Book review ~ Inconvenient Daughter, Lauren J. Sharkey


Inconvenient Daughter
Author : Lauren J. Sharkey
Genre : General fiction
Publisher : Kaylie Jones Books
Release date : 3 July 2020

Rowan Kelly knows she’s lucky. After all, if she hadn’t been adopted, she could have spent her days in a rice paddy, or a windowless warehouse assembling iPhones—they make iPhones in Korea, right? Either way, slowly dying of boredom on Long Island is surely better than the alternative. But as she matures, she realizes that she’ll never know if she has her mother’s eyes, or if she’d be in America at all had her adoptive parents been able to conceive.

Rowan sets out to prove that she can be someone’s first choice. After running away from home—and her parents’ rules—and ending up beaten, barefoot, and topless on a Pennsylvania street courtesy of Bad Boy Number One, Rowan attaches herself to Never-Going-to-Commit. When that doesn’t work out, she fully abandons self-respect and begins browsing Craigslist personals. But as Rowan dives deeper into the world of casual encounters with strangers, she discovers what she’s really looking for.

Inconvenient Daughter is about transracial adoption, having your sens of belonging questioned, building your identity while growing up. I really find that topic interesting, and this type of book, even when they’re fiction like it’s the case here can really help some readers with their own similar questions and issues. This is almost a self-help book.

Although I thought the book would be a linear piece of fiction following Rowan on her journey through self-discovery, but it was not exactly that. It’s more a book regrouping slices of Rowan’s life, in a somewhat random way. I really believe that it’s something important to point out because I might not have picked it up if I had known it was built like this. Some people love slice of life books, but I personnaly don’t, or at least not much.

Since the narration is from Rowan’s POV, and that she’s struggling with life and taking some space to reflect on some stuff, the narration was a little shaky sometimes, which was really a good way to immerse the reader in her mind. I like those unreliable-y narrators, those moments when you realize there’s much more going on than what they know or are seeing. Love it.

My problem with the book, and the reason I’m rating it 3 stars is the fact that there is no linear timeline in the story. We keep jumping between Rowan’s present and past every few pages, and it annoyed me. The chapters are also never long enough to truly get into the events unfolding, and then you get thrown in another period of Rowan’s life, that you can only identify after reading several pages, which left me confused A LOT OF THE TIME. I hate not being able to place the events I’m reading, and it made me try to think harder about what I was reading, focusing more, making me more tired, which is not what I want to do when I read fiction like this. I want to go with the flow and not try to piece things together. Which is also why I don’t like reading thrillers much ahah

So yeah, that was a strange read, that left me extremely confused most of the time, but the meaning of the story is really powerful and deserved a different way of telling it. If you are someone who enjoys peculiar books, with deep, dark action, that’s for you, but that style was definitely not for me !

Thanks for reading !
See you soon,
Jade ❤

4 thoughts on “Book review ~ Inconvenient Daughter, Lauren J. Sharkey

  1. Hey there, Jade! Thanks so much for taking the time to read Inconvenient Daughter! I’m so glad you liked following Rowan’s journey, and embraced her unreliability as a narrator. I’m sorry the timeline didn’t work for you, but am so glad you were able to still enjoy it! ❤


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