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Blog posts I’ve loved in May

Hi guys ! I’m back today for a new post dedicated to you guys ! I read many cool articles every day, every month, so I figured it would be nice to share my favorite ones here. Of course, since I’m not on WordPress every day, there’s a good chance that I miss a ton of great articles, but hey, that’s how it is. Maybe next time !

Here are my picks for May :

  • Let’s start with Kerys @TheEverlastingLibrary, who’s been a warrior and did the “Reading for 24h straight challenge“. I respect such a feat, as I value sleep too much to ever do that haha
  • Nikki @NikkiSwiftReads gave some really useful tips for new bloggers. It’s nice to see this kind of posts where we support each other !
  • May was the Asian heritage month. Sahitya @MyWorldOfBooks honored it and gave us reading suggestions for it, very varied in genre. You’re guaranteed to find at least a book you’ll love in this list 🙂
  • Simone @SimoneandherBooks shared her reading journal with us. She explained how she keeps track of her books, what she thought of them, and how she writes reviews. It’s very interesting, and it’s a great method too !
  • I loved how Sofi @ABookAThought talked about the pressure of blogging. It truly shows how blogging can be serious, and very time-consuming, contrary to what people could think. She also give us tips to cope with this stress ! Thanks Sofi ❤

Those bloggers are all amazing on a daily basis, so please don’t hesistate to follow them and interact with them, they deserve it.
Thanks for reading !
See you soon,
Jade ❤

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