Book review ~ Litany of Dreams ~ Ari Marmell

Litany of Dreams
Author : Ari Marmell
Genre : Supernatural mystery
Publisher : Aconyte
Release date : 13th April 2021

The mysterious disappearance of a gifted student at Miskatonic University spurs his troubled roommate, Elliot Raslo, into an investigation of his own. But Elliot already struggles against the maddening allure of a ceaseless chant that only he can hear… When Elliot’s search converges with that of a Greenland Inuk’s hunt for a stolen relic, they are left with yet more questions. Could there be a connection between Elliot’s litany and the broken stone stele covered in antediluvian writings that had obsessed his friend? Learning the answers will draw them into the heart of a devilish plot to rebirth an ancient horror.

Litany of dreams was kind of a strange book. It left me with a strange feeling of “what did I just read?”

I know the book is set in the Arkham Horror collection, but I must admit I have read nothing else from it. I don’t know if I should have, to get a better idea of the general context.
Basically, the plot here is that Elliott, a college student sets out to find his friend who mysteriously disappeared after working of a secret project. Elliott, along with Daisy, college librarian, and Billy, an Inuit that seeks to recover a relic stolen by Elliott’s friend, Chester.

I really liked the plot, and there was some mood set right at the beginning. It’s definitely a novel you want to read when it’s dark, and no one’s home. But something felt off that made me not enjoy the book as much as I wanted : the linearity of events.

I have read the whole book, and still, I’m not entirely sure what happened. I mean, the events are written, but for some reason, I couldn’t link everything in a logical fashion. The mystery part was great, everything flowed perfectly, but as soon as action started out, I got a little lost in the pace I think. I loved reading about how the relic is affecting people in that little community, seeing how it affected Chester, etc! Still, I’m not entirely sure what the relic was, why Chester was looking into it etc. It might be I wasn’t concentrated enough while reading?

I’m not going to say much about the characters, because they didn’t really stick with me. I just remember that Daisy was my favorite, because she thought things through much more than the guys and probably prevented them from doing a lot of stupid stuff to find Chester! We need more Daisys in this type of books.

I did enjoy this cool supernatural mystery, and the mood in it is absolutely fantastic. However, I couldn’t really get into it for some reason, and I wasn’t able to appreciate it as much as others seem to have. Bonus point for the cover though, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

That’s it for today!

Thanks for reading me,
See you soon,
Jade ❤

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