Book review ~ Glow Girl, Jennifer Lucic

Glow Girl
Author : Jennifer Lucic
Genre : General Fiction
Publisher : Underground House Publishing
Release date : 25th May 2021

Glow Girl is a story about a young girl named Lilly. Damaged from a lifetime of being ridiculed for her weight, and obsessed with the dream of finding love, she escapes into her mind where not having friends or knowing love doesn’t matter. Until the first semester of her college career when Lilly falls for a real boy in English class.

Adam is the strong, confident, men-want-to-be-him, women-want-to-be-on-him guy. Lilly’s obsession with her dream world turns into a fixation on getting Adam to notice her. She allows herself to be bent and broken to fit the mold of a woman he demands her to be, losing herself along the way, and coming to in an unfamiliar world. A new culture takes hold of her, disguised as a misfits’ playground full of neon lights and cuddle puddles, where EDM reins and evil people lurk in plain sight. Her only protection? A coke-addicted boyfriend who’s probably too busy screwing someone else, anyway. Lilly finds herself in a deadly situation naivety can’t save her from. Who will save her this time? Or is she doomed to face the consequences of her choices that become her end?

Glow Girl is an absolute whirlwind of life and emotions. We follow Lilly, who has always had trouble finding love. As she finally finds Adam, a young man in her class, who seems to find her attractive and to love her, she lets herself live her dream life with him. Soon, Adam draws Lilly to soft drugs, along with their two friends. Everything seems perfect, until Adam offers Lilly to try more… And more… And more… Until Lilly doesn’t know who she is anymore.

I could not stop reading. The writing is very smooth, almost subtle. The evolution of the plot is done so that the reader almost IS Lilly. We fall in the story, not realizing how far we go into it until there is no going back. As we follow Lilly from bad to worse, we feel like her, dizzy from the thrill, the ambience and the various unique characters we meet throughout this journey. I guess I kind of got high on this book, and that was awesome! (Don’t get high on anything else kids!)

The authors managed to adress the difficult topic of drugs, without making it too cliché, or judging the people who take drugs. I thought that was great, as it doesn’t point fingers at anyone or make people feel guilty for being around drugs. It merely describes the life of a young woman, a teenager, as she discovers this new world. It’s not all black and white regarding morality, but instead many shades of grey.

Lilly was a fantastic character. I just loved being inside her head! She is both careless and conflicted about her life. Reading about her DEFINITELY TOXIC relationship with Adam was oddly fascinating. I love this kind of story, and I was fascinated by this couple. The characters gravitating around them were also very interesting, and they perfectly highlited the plot and main characters.

Adam is clearly a character you will love to hate. Everything about him screams “TOXIC”, but it’s impossible to stop reading. His evolution is great, and I loved seeing his influence on Lilly and all the other characters. Definitely a fantastic “love to hate” character!

Glow Girl is like and endless party, full of highs and low, until the last moments. Some warning must be given before reading though. If you are sensitive to the topic of drugs (obviously), violence, sex and abuse (physical and mental), it might not be a book for you. Descriptions can be very graphic. If you don’t mind it, then go for it, it’s a wild ride!

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One thought on “Book review ~ Glow Girl, Jennifer Lucic

  1. this was such a good post!! i can’t remember if i read this book or not (i’m 90% sure i have but i just can’t remember it lol), but this review was just amazing! you have such a pretty blog~


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