Book review ~ Castle in their Bones, Laura Sebastian

Castle in their Bones
Author : Laura Sebastian
Genre : Fantasy
Pages : 514

Empress Margaraux has had plans for her daughters since the day they were born. Princesses Sophronia, Daphne, and Beatriz will be queens. And now, age sixteen, they each must leave their homeland and marry their princes.

Beautiful, smart, and demure, the triplets appear to be the perfect brides—because Margaraux knows there is one common truth: everyone underestimates a girl. Which is a grave mistake. Sophronia, Daphne, and Beatriz are no innocents. They have been trained since birth in the arts of deception, seduction, and violence with a singular goal—to bring down monarchies— and their marriages are merely the first stage of their mother’s grand vision: to one day reign over the entire continent of Vesteria.

The princesses have spent their lives preparing, and now they are ready, each with her own secret skill, and each with a single wish, pulled from the stars. Only, the stars have their own plans—and their mother hasn’t told them all of hers.

Life abroad is a test. Will their loyalties stay true? Or will they learn that they can’t trust anyone—not even each other?

This is the first book by Laura Sebastian that I read, and while the plot of Ash Princess, etc didn’t captivate me that much and sounded a little cliché, this one was NOT! I went in the book thinking it would be a nice little fantasy politics story, enjoyable but somewhat predictable, with loveable characters, but not much more to them.

Oh how I’m glad I was proven wrong! First of all, I’m always a sucker for a royalty trope. It doesn’t matter who’s a royal, what side they’re on, etc. I just want it all. So on that, there was no risk to be disappointed, everything is happening in castles (yeah, I know, the title…), and there’s pretty much always a royal around. Yay to that! Sure, it lack a bit of world building since we don’t get to see much of the rest of the various realms mentioned, but I’m sure it is to come.

The characters were also great, but most importantly, they SURPRISED me. I expected some typical heroines, turning a little bland, but noooooooo. All three sisters have very distinct characters, and they evolve very differently in the kingdoms they end up in. Their evolution was spectacular, they really grow a brain once they’re away from their mother, and it was interesting to see how they viewed politics, love, and magic on their own.

The side characters are not quite as memorable as the sisters, but I also enjoyed reading their part because they also have their own backstories, not at all related to their brides, and this was great to read about. There are real stories to them, they’re not just here to serve the sisters’ plot, and we’ve got to thank the author for this!

This book has a great cover, cool royalty background, and some well-built characters to it, not to mention the plot twist at the end! A great read!

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading me 🙂
See you soon,
Jade ❤

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