Book review ~ The Offset, Calder Szewczak

The OffsetAuthor : Calder SewczakGenre : DystopiaPublisher : Angry RobotRelease date : 14th September 2021⭐⭐ It is your eighteenth birthday and one of your parents must die. You are the one who decides. Whom do you pick? In a dying world, the Offset ceremony has been introduced to counteract and discourage procreation. It is a… Continue reading Book review ~ The Offset, Calder Szewczak


What releases today ~ 23.06.2020

Hi guys ! Today is the release day for Inconvenient Daughter by Lauren J Sharkey ! It deals with adoption and how to find where you belong ! It's really interesting ! Inconvenient daughter | Lauren J. Sharkey | ⭐⭐⭐ | My review A vibrant and provocative debut novel that dispels myths surrounding transracial adoption.Rowan… Continue reading What releases today ~ 23.06.2020