Book review ~ Sky Breaker, Addie Thorley

Sky Breaker
Author : Addie Thorley
Genre : Fantasy
Publisher : Page Street Kid
Pages : 432

Enebish has been deceived by everyone she once considered a friend. On the run across the tundra, her only allies are her best friend Serik and a band of ill-tempered shepherds. Her only hope of bringing peace to Ashkar is to unite the people of the Protected Territories and make a stand against the tyrannical Sky King and the hostile nation of Zemya. But that’s easier said than done. As supplies dwindle, the shepherds become far more desperate for food than freedom.

Meanwhile, Zemyan forces have stormed the Ashkarian capital. Imperial Army Commander Ghoa throws all of her power into a last-ditch effort to save her king, only to be abandoned by her fellow warriors. Held captive in a prison forged of magic and tortured by the zealous sorcerer Kartok, Ghoa learns his true ambitions lie far beyond the warring countries—he wants vengeance on the gods themselves.

The war between Ashkar and Zemya began centuries ago as a feud amongst the gods. Now it’s up to the two most hated people on the continent—the monstrous outcast, Enebish, and the notorious war criminal, Ghoa—to heal that spiritual divide before Kartok brings the skies crashing down on all of them.

I was really excited to read this sequel to the fantastic Night Spinner! I read it over a year ago, so I didn’t exactly remember everything, but I had no trouble diving back into Enebish’s world. Here, we follow Enebish and the sheperds she rescued, as the try to find the lost king, and figure out how to take back the kingdom.

As usual, I really loved all the action in the book. There’s never a boring moment! Whether it’s plotting, or fighting, the characters are always busy. I also enjoyed reading some events from Ghoa’s perspective. I don’t remember if her POV was already in Book 1, but this was really nice here.

Contrary to Night Spinner, I found myself enjoying Ghoa’s part of the plot waaaaaaaay more than Enebish’s. She did a lot for the plot, and many interesting things happened to her, when Enebish’s side of the story felt a little slow and unnecessary. Ghoas really was the highlight of her book. You can truly see how her evolution has gone, and is still going. Obviously, I have a soft spot for the “villains”, but she really had a cool background and evolution in Sky Breaker.

On the other side, Enebish mostly annoyed me. Such a shame! I couldn’t stand her attitude until 40% in the book. She’s basically an emo teen until then. “Uuuuh, no one ever believes me… Uuuugh no one ever listens….. No one likes me, no one understands me, blablablabla”. I just wanted to slap her back into reality! That was kind of a pain to read, which is why I’m not giving the book all the stars.

Otherwise, the book is really good. It’s full of action, and the final confrontation scene is fantastic. I couldn’t stop reading it, I just needed to know how it would end. And I was not disappointed! I don’t think it was a mind-blowing conclusion to the book or the series, but it was satisfying enough, and it brought me closure, which feels super nice. Good job Addie Thorley! Can’t wait to read your next novels!

Thanks for reading me!
See you soon,
Jade ❤

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