Book review ~ The Ravenous Dead, Darcy Coates

The Ravenous Dead
Author : Darcy Coates
Genre : Horror/Paranormal
Pages : 304
Publisher : Black Owl Books

Keira, hired as Blighty Graveyard’s new groundskeeper, lives surrounded by the dead. They watch her through the fog. They wordlessly cry out. They’ve been desperately waiting for help moving on—and only Keira can hear them. But not every restless spirit wants to be saved.

Sometimes the dead hate the living too much to find peace.

As Keira struggles to uncover the tangled histories of some of the graveyard’s oldest denizens, danger seeps from the darkest edges of the forest. A vicious serial killer was interred among the trees decades before, his spirit twisted by his violent nature. He’s furious. Ravenous. And when Keira unwittingly answers his call, she may just seal her fate as his final intended victim. 

I’ve liked Darcy Coates for a few years now, and she’s made me like the horror/paranormal genre. Obviously, I was excited about The Ravenous Dead since we have a girl that speaks to ghosts, and who doesn’t like that? (Ghost Whisperer anyone?) I must admit I didn’t realize it was a sequel until I saw it on Goodreads, but it wasn’t all that much of a problem. Some of Keira’s background is probably explained in book 1 as well as why people are looking for her now, but it didn’t bother me not to know. The book mostly focuses on Keira discovering something is eating the ghosts living in her graveyard, so I concentrated on that.

It was a really good plotline. A mysterious ghost shade is forcing other ghosts to hide or be eaten. It’s up to Keira to understand what/who the shade is, and how to help it go to the other side. I liked seeing the ghosts’ evolution, the way Keira manages to make friends and create strong bonds with her sidekick. It was pretty heartwarming!

It was a great entertaining read that spooks without terrifying readers entirely, which makes it perfect for a larger range of readers. It confirmed my liking of Darcy Coates’ writing, and I will likely read more of her work!

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading me!
See you soon,
Jade ❤

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